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Welcome to The Actor's Pulse.

Sydney's premier Meisner Technique acting school!

Training for actors seeking professional careers in Film, Theatre and Television.

The Actor’s Pulse is an acting school in Sydney providing a unique approach to learning the art of acting. Our acting classes combine techniques used for stage acting with the special considerations needed for film and television work. With a strong and basic foundation, an actor can confidently approach any material.

The Actor’s Pulse specialises in the most modern version of the Meisner Technique providing a range acting courses that cover the following:

The Meisner Technique

Studied by actors such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Pfeiffer, James Franco Jim Carrey and Robert Duvall to name a few, this world-renowned technique is celebrated for giving actors the training that allows for truthful performances, time and time again. Developed by the legendary Sanford Meisner in the early 1930’s, this technique is a more of an instinctive, rather than intellectual approach, to the craft of acting. Read more

Screen Acting Technique

At its core, these acting classes are designed to bring to script work the classic structure of story and character breakdown as well as the elements from the Meisner Technique. The practise of consistently working with material to serve the story and characters in a way that is truthful and meaningful, allows actors to adapt to different styles and genres of TV and Film scripts, effortlessly. Read more

Story and Script Analysis

Covering everything from story spine and plot points to character spine and character arc as well as the increasingly important TV and Film styles and genres, The Actor’s Pulse not only incorporates story and script analysis into our acting classes, but also into annual workshops, some of which are specifically designed for story and character breakdown.

Audition Technique

Pilot season, film auditions, commercial auditions, callbacks, network screen tests.

These are all, but a few of the many circumstances in which an actor needs to have his or her audition technique at a high international level in order to impress casting directors, producers and directors with powerful and memorable performances, and maybe even to book some jobs.

Voice and Dialect Training

Training in the international phonetic alphabet, this course covers accents such as Standard American, Southern American, Boston and British to name a few, as well as training to develop a well-spoken Australian accent. Whether you are performing for an audience of five or five hundred, your voice needs to be ready to work for you, for long hours at a time. This course provides the key elements that an actor can adapt in order to create strong and effective voice techniques for stage, TV and Film work. Read more

Movement Training

Working in alignment with script classes, this course gives each actor a range of techniques to develop a strong connection to the body and how to successfully communicate through effective use of the body in performance.

Professional Theatre Production

With two professional Theatre Spaces, students and graduates of The Actor’s Pulse are given the opportunity to develop, produce and perform in professional theatre productions such as Multimedia Industry Showcases, Monologue Performance Nights, One-Act Stage Plays and Full-length Stage Plays.

New York Style Teen Classes

This acting course is for young students who are excited about learning how to act for the stage and for the screen and covers a range of exercises that are all designed to help young actors learn what acting is all about. The training is designed to plant the seeds necessary to deliver strong performances for the stage and for the screen that is natural, real and engaging to watch. Read more

Dubbed in the USA ‘the technique that works’, The Meisner Technique is a genuine and organic, step-by-step approach to acting.


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